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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Brew Over Ice K-Cups

I am so excited to tell you about my newest addiction!


That's right, K-cups that you pop in your Keurig, put a cup of ice under the drip, and now you have iced tea or iced coffee!! How wonderfully easy!

Here are some facts:
Specially blended to brew directly over ice using the 6 oz. or 8 oz. setting on any Keurig® K-Cup® brewer
Available in nine expertly blended iced coffee and iced tea flavors
Green Mountain Coffee® varieties include Nantucket Blend®, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut
Celestial Seasonings® Perfect Iced Tea varieties include Southern Sweet, Sweet Raspberry, Sweet Lemon, Sweet Peach, Half and Half, and Unsweetened Black. Personalize the iced coffees any way you want, and enjoy the already-sweetened iced teas on their own
Sold online at and and in select mass, grocery, and specialty retail stores, such as Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Bed Bath & Beyond

I received the Green Mountain Nantucket blend and Hazelnut blend coffees, and the Celestial Seasonings® Perfect Southern Sweet Iced Tea and the Celestial Seasonings® Half and Half Perfect Iced Tea.

I LOVED the Southern Sweet Iced Tea. It was perfectly sweetened (with Stevia) and absolutely delicious. I really liked that it was already sweetened and all I had to do was brew into my cup and go!! As a mom of a 4 month old and 3 year old, I need quick and easy things in my life 😜

I also liked the Hazelnut blend coffee. With just a touch of sugar and creamer it was perfect for the 100*+ weather we are having!

Have you tried these yet? Well, what are you waiting for?!

Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and received samples and coupons so that I may test the above product and give my honest opinion. Feel free to read over my disclosure policy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bond That WILL Last a Lifetime

I could never of imagined the incredible bond that my kids have. Their relationship is so filled with love and joy.

So strong.

So special.

When I was pregnant with Wonderboy the masses told me to expect Princess to be jealous and act out.

She couldn't be more opposite. She acted out tremendously when I was pregnant, having to do 4-5 time outs a day, among other types of correction. All the positive and negative reinforcement didn't make a bit of difference.

As soon as her baby brother was born though, all of the tantrums and acting out was gone. We *might* need to do a time out once a week now, if that.

She loves her brother. Wants to be a mommy to him. Loves to see him learn and hates to see him cry. Gets so excited and can't wait to tell EVERYONE (even people in the checkout line at the grocery store) when he reaches a new milestone.

And he loves her. He can be in a grumpy little baby mood and when he sees her, he gets the biggest, brightest smile in the world.

I wasn't prepared for this. I had no idea that the relationship and bond that my sister and I have would be so evident in my children right at birth.

They amaze me everyday and I love them.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I Cry Every Time

I see a homeless person. Seriously.

It breaks my heart to see them with no food. No home. Nowhere to go. Nothing.

Society tells us "don't give them money, they're only going to buy booze!"

I still give them what I have. If they choose poorly than I guess that's their choice to make. I have to try to help, its just in me. I do pray that they make a better choice and feed themselves or buy other necessities.

I try to buy them food if I can. I try to buy snacks and such from the grocery store instead of burgers that are so unhealthy.

You never know why someone is in the position that they are in. We are supposed to love each other and help each other.

Proverbs 31:20
She extends a helping hand to the poor and opens her arms to the needy.

I want to be more like the Proverbs 31 woman. I want to be more like Mother Teresa.

I want Princess to have the same passion and love, and while I do know that some of that is just in you. I know I can help cultivate that and help it grow in her. So this summer we are going to start finding places to volunteer and help others.

Will you join me? Do you have any suggestions?

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31 Days to Clean: Day 9

Today Sarah Mae talks about being a cleaning tornado..focusing in in one thing and just getting it done.

I am no good at this! 😜

Sometimes it will take me an hour to do something that, if I just focused, would take me only 15 minutes!

Having a 4 month old and a 3 year old only make my focusing issues worse 😝

But princess LOVES to clean and I want to teach her to become a cleaning tornado so that when she is grown (or even a teenager) she will be able to do more of the things she loves instead of stressing over whether the house is clean. Like I do.

I want to be able to have a clean house - or at least a company ready house - and yet still be able to go somewhere spur of the moment.

I don't want to constantly be thinking of the millions of things I need to do around the house.
I want to enjoy my babies at this age.

Are you a cleaning tornado? Or a cleaning slow poke, like Sara Mae and I? Have any tips or tricks to share?

This is part of 31 data to clean the reboot.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Time

As a child and especially a teenager, I LOVED summer time! Haha, even as an adult when I was a Teaching Assistant! 3 months off from school or work?! Yes please!

I still love summer time. I love playing outside with the kids. I love chasing butterflies and running through the sprinkler with Princess. I love digging in the mud and playing hopscotch. I love the birds and all the animals that make our yard it's home. I love the smell that comes from playing outside in the sun all day. I love being able to go to a pool to cool off. I love being able to go out on a boat.

I REALLY don't like the heat though. I'm a sunny and low 70's girl. I'm a go-to-the-beach-in-the-winter kind of girl. I'm not big on greeting in water other than the pool....

I do love the freedom that summer time brings though. Go anywhere, do anything because it's warm and the days are longer.

I want to do so many things this summer, as a family and personally.

I might just make a Summer Time Goal Sheet!

Want to make one with me?! What will be first on yours? What are your favorite things to do during summer?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Letters to Grandma 3/23/12

Happy Birthday Grandma Polly!

It will be 1 week tomorrow since you went home to be with the Jesus. I miss you SO much. I know your having a grand time with your Momma and Uncle Lucas and all your other family members that went on before you. Knowing that helps ease the sadness, but there is till so much I want to tell you, to show you, give you. So here I am starting a journal to tell you. I know it seems odd, but it's my way of healing and letting go. It's also my way of passing on things about you and the rest of our family to my kids and my nieces and nephews.

Oh Grandma, I wish I had spent more time with you, learning from you. Hugging you, kissing you, and loving you. I'm so glad Zoey got to know you and spend time with you. I only wish you could have held Jax. He is such a handsome boy Grandma. I know you know that and I know you will be watching Zoey and Jax grow up.

You would be so proud of Sammy Grandma! He is doing great as a car salesman! Who would've known?! Mr. Can't sit still, talks a mile a's perfect for him. He is awesome at his job! He even sat down and made a goal list for the next 3 years! He is even sticking to it! He wants to make you proud. I know you already are proud of him just like we are and always will be no matter what.

Aunt Mimi and Brian moved today. I miss her too. I need to get her phone number and address from the boys.

Oh well I better get some sleep while the kids are.

I love you Grandma!


Monday, June 11, 2012

31 Days to Clean!? My "Why"

Today Sarah Mae asked us 4 questions.

Why do you want to clean?

I want to clean so that my home smells good and feels good. If its dirty it's hazardous to my family's health and well being. If it was dirty Princess wouldn't be able to find toys or clothes easily and Wonderboy wouldn't be able to learn to crawl or walk. If it was dirty I wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy my family.

Why do you choose to clean?
If I didn't who would?! Just kidding!! Hubby would but he would also be frustrated with me for not helping out. I clean because I love my family. I want to honor and respect and love towards my hubby and kids, and this is part of how I do it. Yes they all help out but I do the majority. It's my "job" and I love it.

Why does it matter if you clean?
If I clean my home smells good and feels good. It's warm and inviting and comfy. Which means my family is happy and I'm happy. I can also be more hospitable if I have a clean home. When it's a mess I don't want anyone to come near my house....haha!

Who are you cleaning for?
For my hubby and my kiddos...and me!

Tha Martha challenge is to survey the other bedrooms. Well my kids just got hardwood floors put in their rooms and we will be painting them soon so their "rooms" are in my dining room, so I'll just keep working on my room for now!

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Letters to Grandma

I have been writing letters to my Grandma Polly since about a week after she went to be with the Lord. Mainly as a way to deal with losing her. It's a good way to still feel connected to her and I get to journal about my life and things that I'm learning by doing the things she loved (cooking, crocheting, sewing and loving her family).

I decided I'm going to start posting them as well, then if anything were to ever happen to the paper copy my kids (or I) could look back at this.

I hope you all enjoy.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Mommy Friendly Restaurant

For my birthday in April, my best friend gave me a gift card to Chili's restaurant. I haven't been to Chili's in a long time and I have been eager to try their food again.

The opportunity finally arose.

Hubby and I have date night every Tuesday (having my parents live 10 minutes away is wonderful). So I decided to call ahead and order and pick it up on the way to my moms to drop the kids off.

Well I must have had my head in the sand or something lately because when I went to their website to look up the menu, I saw they did the "curbside to go" and you could order online. I was excited but not to sure on how it worked.

So I texted my best friend. When she told me I was supposed to just park and wait, I was a little nervous to say the least. I didn't think they were actually going to see me park, or they were going to expect me to bring my 3yo and my 3 1/2 month old in to get the food.

Well I got there and I parked just like she said to me. Immediately a bouncy little teenage girl came out and said " are you Katrina?" I was so excited! How awesome was this?! It wasn't fast food and I didn't have to go in to get it. She even gave princess a free lemonade (needless to say she got a decent tip).

The only downside was that the person who got my order and put it in, put my drink order in wrong. My "waitress" quickly fixed by bringing me the correct drinks and I got to keep the drink they thought I was supposed to get.

All in all, it was wonderful. I will definitely be doing this in the future. The "curbside to go" combined with the "2 for $20" made me very happy. We spent $26, including tip and tax, and got to eat a delicious dinner that was more intimate then eating inside the restaurant.

I can't express how much I love the fact that I can take the kids and not worry about having to take them and their stuff inside to wait and pickup the food! You should definitely give it a try!

By the way I am in no way affiliated with them, this is just a love post..

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

31 Days To Clean: Clean Where?!

Day 3) Oh Sara Mae! Must you really do this to me?! Don't you know we are putting down hardwood floor and painting in the kids rooms?! That the next 2 weeks my kids clothes are in their dressers in my room (everything else is in my dining room!)?! I have to clean out under my bed?????

Oh I do not like this....not one bit. When I was pregnant with J I couldn't wait to be able to lay down flat on my belly and go through all the stuff under there...

I changed my mind. I don't want to anymore.

*sigh* I will, I will.

Day 4) My Nighstand.. This one I can easily do. I just have my bible and some devotions, a lamp, and some Vicks (mine and the kids) on top. Inside is clean too, well mostly.

I'll let you know how my under the bed cleaning goes..maybe I'll be brave enough to do it tomorrow. We shall see!

This is part of Sarah Mae's Reboot 31 Days To Clean. At

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

31 Days To Clean: Distractions

Day 1 and 2) I have so many good distractions! My wonderful hubby, my beautiful 3yo girl and my handsome 3 1/2 month old boy. These are also my biggest distractions. Hubby works odd hours so he is home a good portion of the day. So sometimes making sure I stay on track , instead of relaxing with him all day, is a little difficult. I'm getting better about it though. We all sit down for lunch, then he naps, the kids and I do whatever is planned for the day, then after dinner I sit down and relax with him and the kids before bed. It gets easier the more I make myself do it.
Then of course there are the other distractions, like Facebook, my iPad in general, talking on the phone (this is usually a good distraction too as I pretty much only talk to my sis, who lives a few states away, and my momma, and reading. I'm slowly learning how to carve out time for these things, that way I can still do them but at set times or after certain things get done.

What are your distractions? How do you handle them?

This is part of Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean-reboot.