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A Christmas Challenge: Christmas Cards

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Christmas Challenge: Christmas Cards

I absolutely LOVE receiving Christmas cards in the mail. I try not to look at the return address and I also try not to look at the handwriting too closely. I like to be surprised when I open the card!

Who knows what picture will be on there? Will it be funny? Or a gorgeous family moment captured in time? Will there've multiple photos showing the progression of the kids over the last year? What background did they choose? It's so exciting to read them.

Then I decorate a wall or post or something in the house with all the Christmas cards we get. It just doesn't feel like Christmas to me without cards all over the house.

I remember growing up, we had doors with shutters in them leading into the kitchen. My mom ALWAYS hung the Christmas cards in the slots. I hope my kids will remember things like this as well.

So I love to receive them. However, I am downright AWFUL at sending them out. Every year I pick out pictures and look at all the coupons and websites....etc etc etc. I NEVER get any further than that though. (I think I may have 1 year since princess was born) I don't know why I'm just not good with cards of any kind. I always say "maybe next year ill actually get some mailed out". Well not this year!

How about you, Do you do Christmas cards? Why?



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