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Charlie week 1: 7 weeks old

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charlie week 1: 7 weeks old

First night in his new home he cried as soon as we put him in the crate, he slept much better downstairs by the couch under my feet. As long as we are in the room with him, Charlie doesn't cry unless he needs out. Which happens around 2am. He's really doing much better than I thought he would.

He does great with not going potty in the house, and he hasn't gone potty in his crate at all. He responds great to the "go potty" command too.

We are having to work with him a LOT on biting and chewing. We are having an especially hard time with him doing this to Princess (especially when she is in a dress which is 3/4 of the time). She runs from him instead of forcing him to backdown and stop. We will get there I guess.

He has discovered how to go up the stairs now, but he still can't get down them. It's adorable.

He is doing much better than I thought he would be right now, but man, I tell ya, I'm exhausted. I definitely have another baby now LOL

Any tips on raising a puppy?

Here Charlie decided to sleep half I and half out of the blanket.



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