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Every Ending Comes With a New Beginning

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Every Ending Comes With a New Beginning

We had a sad weekend. Saturday our dog passed away. She will be greatly missed.

I'm trying to remember that it's all according to Gods plans. It's so weird around the house without her. Sunday and Monday were awful for me. I know some people may think its silly to be this sad over a dog, but we loved her very much.

We planted some flowers in the backyard to remember her by and zoey painted a picture frame and we wrote Luna on it and put a picture of her in it and Princess put it in her room.

We will miss her greatly but with every ending comes a new beginning.

We will be getting a new puppy in a few weeks. A male boxer pup that Princess wants to name Charlie (we will see if that changes by the time he gets here LOL). We have picture of him and we get daily updates of him. He peed outside for the first time today! Yay!

We are so excited about this new beginning and parts of me wish he was with us already, I'm glad to be able to grieve the loss of dear sweet Luna though. I loved her so, and Hubby and the kids did too.

I can't access the photos in my computer so I don't have a pic of Luna. So here is a photo of our new pup!


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