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Healthier One Meal at a Time

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Healthier One Meal at a Time

I've recently started to eat clean a majority of the time. For those if you that don't know what clean eating is; it is where you eat as little processed food as possible by making things from scratch and eating tons of veggies and fruit and meats straight from the butcher.

I've felt better emotionally, physically, and mentally since I started. And I haven't even taken all processed foods out of my diet as my hubby isn't sold on the idea...yet ;-) can even tell a difference in princess' attitude when she has more processed foods than normal.

It's amazing to learn how harmful all the chemicals in processed foods can be. If you haven't you should definitely watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I will be doing a juice fast once I am done breastfeeding.

I've been reading and following, just to name a few! Also a friend of mine who is Vegan just started a blog called They are great! I'm looking for some books and more blogs on clean eating so if you know of any let me know!

Here is what a normal day looks like for me now

Breakfast: oatmeal with some fruit, tea,

Snack: chobani and fruit or granola

Lunch: chicken wrap or tuna with some chopped veggies

Snack: veggies or cheese

Dinner: Usually something more processed with tons of veggies and and sometimes a salad

If you want to follow my journey to a healthier lifestyle you can't follow this blog and/or me at


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