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Goals for week of July 15

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goals for week of July 15

First let me start by telling you how I did on last weeks goals


1) to finish week 3 of C25K and start week 4

2) to do muscle building exercises 2x this week ( squats, planks, weight lifting etc..)

3) to do 10 min on stationary bike on muscle building days


1) to get up before 5am at least 3x's (I am awful at getting up if I can do it 3x I am going to be super excited!! )

2) to get dressed and do makeup by 9 everyday


1) to spend 30-45 non interrupted minutes with each kid every day. (we are doing so much all day that I don't getting to spend much one on one time with each kid)

2) to spend a date night with my hubby completely focused in him


1) to finish all laundry in house

2) to finish getting Princess' room back together

Definitely going to be trying again on some of those!
I'm making progress on the laundry but it takes a LONG time when you are going through all of it for giveaways well.

Their rooms are still a work in progress and probably will be for at least another week.

And now for this weeks goals... Even though the week is half over already.

1) to finish week 4 of C25K

2) do 2 days of P90X or some other muscle building exercise

1) wake up between 430 and 530 ONCE lol

2) do bible study 3 times

3) pick a new fun book to read

4) up, dressed, and make up done by 10 (fixed the time because I ten to work out at womderboy's fist nap around 830/9 so this gives me time to do that and get clean!)

1) go out on a date with princess

2) do something extra special for hubby

1) continue working on laundry

2) continue working in kids rooms

I think I can handle these ;-) what are your goals for the week?


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