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Summer Time

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Time

As a child and especially a teenager, I LOVED summer time! Haha, even as an adult when I was a Teaching Assistant! 3 months off from school or work?! Yes please!

I still love summer time. I love playing outside with the kids. I love chasing butterflies and running through the sprinkler with Princess. I love digging in the mud and playing hopscotch. I love the birds and all the animals that make our yard it's home. I love the smell that comes from playing outside in the sun all day. I love being able to go to a pool to cool off. I love being able to go out on a boat.

I REALLY don't like the heat though. I'm a sunny and low 70's girl. I'm a go-to-the-beach-in-the-winter kind of girl. I'm not big on greeting in water other than the pool....

I do love the freedom that summer time brings though. Go anywhere, do anything because it's warm and the days are longer.

I want to do so many things this summer, as a family and personally.

I might just make a Summer Time Goal Sheet!

Want to make one with me?! What will be first on yours? What are your favorite things to do during summer?


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