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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My heart aches so bad some days. I miss her tremendously. I know she is in a magnificent place, but I still miss her. I miss talking to her, going to see her, going shopping with (for her for the last year or two), looking at crochet patterns, finding new recipes and using old ones, and taking her to the doctors. I miss her hugs, her kisses, her joy, her smell, her love. I miss my Grandma. I miss everything about her. I can't imagine how my mom feels. I don't want to.

I still cry when I pass the bank she used, or when I sit in her room, or when I try to teach myself to crochet. I cry because my mom no longer has her momma to hug and kiss and love on.

However, my Grandma can now breathe without wearing oxygen, she can smell, she can run and jump. She is walking streets of gold and singing with the angels.

She was such a wonderful woman. Always wore a smile even when she didn't feel well. She loved everyone and tried to always send you home with food! She loved children and opened her home to them her whole life. My cousins had just moved in with her and papaw before she passed.

I miss her but I am glad she isn't in pain anymore. I thank God she got to know Zoey (and that Zoey got to know her) and that her and Jaxson got to meet.

I will always miss her.



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