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Frumps To Pumps Day 1

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Frumps To Pumps Day 1

Today we read about being perfect in God's eyes. Yep, perfect! Whether in frumps or pumps! How wonderful to think we can be perfect in a frumpy outfit. He created us in his image so how could we be anything other than perfect? I know that I don't think that I am perfect but maybe being dressed everyday will help my self esteem and help me to see what God sees.

Today's challenge was to
1) choose a time to be dressed by everyday. For me that is 9:30. The kids are usually up by 7/7:30 and need to eat and get dressed for the day so 9:30 seems like good time.
2) choose a way to track and reward
I'm going to track using a sticky note app on my iPad that way I can write down some notes about that day as well. As for my reward....well I'm not sure, maybe a new pair of jeans for accomplishing this challenge.
3) my person to keep me accountable will be my sister. I haven't exactly told her..I guess I may want to do that soon!



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