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My Days

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Days

Smushed face kisses. Neck squeezes. 3 year old hugging and kissing baby brother in my belly. Dog whining for squirrels. Dishes. Snacks. Lunch. Laundry. Precious Moments children's CD. "Momma why are they taking about butt's?" When they are actually taking about flood's. Attempted quiet time. Crafts. Dog in the trash. Doorbell rings, "crap, I'm not dressed yet!". 3 year old running and screaming just because. Look at dry erase calender only to realize I haven't even changed the month. More hugs and smushed face kisses. "just let me go potty by myself please, no, I don't need your help honey." More dishes, this time with the 3 year old doing her own on her side. Attempt to walk the husky/chow mix while 9 months pregnant. Eating pretend pancakes. Snuggle time.

I LOVE being a stay at home mom and wife and doing all of these things. I am ready to have this baby boy and get back to really cooking, cleaning, gardening, photography, and really playing and exercising. This light duty is starting to make me a little crazy, but I'll take it because it is so beyond with it. I can't wait to add baby boy craziness to the mix!



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