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DIY Monthly Goal's for 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Monthly Goal's for 2012

One of my goals for 2012 is to complete a DIY project each month. Just one a month. Something new and fun, yet practical and something useful.

January- homemade detangler. I used a small spray bottle and Infusium 23 leave in hair repair with a little water. The Infusium is made to actually use alone but DD and I have fine/thin hair so it is better for us to add some water to the mix.

February- (I'm due this month so i am picking something simple so that i don't over do it.) Fleece Tie Blanket. This is what i will be doing. Different material, I will post pics after I'm done. I think i will do 2 of them, one for DD and one for DS that is due this month.

March- Make a springtime/easter wreath. I saw something on pinterest the other day and tried to repin it but it didn't work :( So i will have to find another one.

April- I'm going to be making Super Simple Leggings! I am so excited about doing these! I will probably being doing these as shorts and or a little past the knee for spring/summer time!

May- Homemade Face Wash I am REALLY excited about this one and might end up doing it before May!

June- Homemade Dryer Sheets Another one I'm really excited about! (we actually just ran out of dryer sheets so i may do this one now!)

July- DIY Bug Spray. I hate using bug spray on my kiddo's everything is so harsh and some stuff you shouldn't even use on children (why would i want to use that on myself?!)

August- Fold and Go Organizer, back to school time so ill be stocking up on crayons and pens and such so i may as well make an organizer or two!

September- Fabric Storage Boxes I think i will make a couple for each kid and some other rooms in the other house depending on how easy this is for me! (i LOVE, she has some amazing tutorials)

October- i will be making Halloween costumes this month YAY!

November- Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub thinking hostess gift or the like??

December- Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub again a hostess gift

Do you have and DIY/Craft projects to share? What are you wanting to try this year?

I will also be doing once a month cooking project. Something I've never done, whether it be freezer cooking, canning, or whatever but I'll post on that later.

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