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31 Days to Clean!? My "Why"

Monday, June 11, 2012

31 Days to Clean!? My "Why"

Today Sarah Mae asked us 4 questions.

Why do you want to clean?

I want to clean so that my home smells good and feels good. If its dirty it's hazardous to my family's health and well being. If it was dirty Princess wouldn't be able to find toys or clothes easily and Wonderboy wouldn't be able to learn to crawl or walk. If it was dirty I wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy my family.

Why do you choose to clean?
If I didn't who would?! Just kidding!! Hubby would but he would also be frustrated with me for not helping out. I clean because I love my family. I want to honor and respect and love towards my hubby and kids, and this is part of how I do it. Yes they all help out but I do the majority. It's my "job" and I love it.

Why does it matter if you clean?
If I clean my home smells good and feels good. It's warm and inviting and comfy. Which means my family is happy and I'm happy. I can also be more hospitable if I have a clean home. When it's a mess I don't want anyone to come near my house....haha!

Who are you cleaning for?
For my hubby and my kiddos...and me!

Tha Martha challenge is to survey the other bedrooms. Well my kids just got hardwood floors put in their rooms and we will be painting them soon so their "rooms" are in my dining room, so I'll just keep working on my room for now!

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