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Domestically Challenged

Friday, October 26, 2012

Domestically Challenged

I cook. I sew. I clean. I crochet (well I'm learning). I craft. I DIY. I make Halloween costumes. I garden. I try to have our meals mostly homemade. I try to heal with natural God given things. My sister and mother call me a Holly Homemaker. I'm just doing what comes natural and what I love.

I've always said I was in the wrong era. You know Those pictures of the women in the 50's with their hair done and in dresses with aprons and all these freshly cooked/baked foods, and their houses sparkling know, June Cleaver? Or how about the ones with the women out gardening or milking the cows, or feeding the chickens, with a baby on her hip and kids playing around her and learning from her while she works? Yeah, that's me. Well, that's who I try to be anyways..... And it's been working until recently.

All of a sudden in the past few weeks/months my house has gotten messier, my cooking has, well, you read about the butternut squash soup right? My kids are hearing me less, hy hubby is getting neglected, and I'm constantly tired because im trying to catch up on it all. I feel Domestically Challenged and I don't like it!

The only solution I have is to go back to basics and make small goals, schedule, and dive right into all of it. Most importantly I need to remember WHY I'm doing these things and for who I am doing them.

WHY OH WHY did my homemaking skills disappear?!?!?! How do I get them back?! Have you ever gone through a spell like this? What did you do to get out of said spell?

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At October 27, 2012 at 7:44 AM , OpenID said...

wow--I could have written this post! I was just telling a friend that I think that the days are not only getting shorter with daylight but also with hours . . . I am so looking forward to my Sunday "off".

Be blessed.


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