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How To Earn Money in 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Earn Money in 2013

The other day I mentioned a couple of things I did in 2012 to earn a little extra money and free stuff. I'm going to tell you a little more about each of them in just this post. I know this isn't along the lines of my normal posts but I really like these programs and think EVERYONE should know about them!

First lets talk about SWAGBUCKS

What it is: A program where you earn points for searching the web, printing and using coupons, shopping online, taking surveys and polls, and MUCH more! You also earn points if you refer others, up to 1000 points!

What you earn: points. These points then can be redeemed for things like amazon gift cards (I've earned over 100$ worth since I've started!) or PayPal moneys, e books, jewelry, baby items, music...etc. that's just a small list!

How to sign up: click HERE to and you'll get started with some bonus points (yes ill be earning points by you going through the above link)

The next one we will talk about is IBOTTA

What it is: ibotta is an app for android and iOS devices. You "clip" coupons by following the required actions, usually a trivia question and/or poll and/or a short video about the product. Once you clip the coupon go buy the product scan the products barcode and your receipt and your done!

What you earn: MONEY! When you complete the required actions and ibotta confirms all, then your money is deposited in your ibotta account. From there you can transfer it to your Paypal account or donate it to any school in America!!

How to sign up: Click HERE and fill out the required info! (I started this one just a couple weeks ago and I've already earned over 5$) by clicking the above link you get a bonus of (I also get a bonus of 1$, so thank you! And when you refer your friends you will too)

Next up is BZZAGENT

What it is: a program where you receive FREE products in return for your honest opinion. When you accept a Bzzcampaign you simply tweet, share on Facebook, share your opinion anywhere, and report it to Bzzagent.

What you earn: FREE products. Simply full out the questionnaire when you sign up and accept Bzzcampaigns and you'll be on your way to free products in no time. You will also earn mypoints for doing the required sharing of your opinion. (Mypoints is just like swagbucks, you can sign up for them HERE)

How to sign up: Click HERE to join. Provide the required info and your ready to go. (no I do NOT get anything for referring you to Bzzagent)

Any questions? Any programs/companies like this that you love? Please share in the comments below!



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