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Fairy Tale's and G.I. Joe's

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Healthier One Meal at a Time

I've recently started to eat clean a majority of the time. For those if you that don't know what clean eating is; it is where you eat as little processed food as possible by making things from scratch and eating tons of veggies and fruit and meats straight from the butcher.

I've felt better emotionally, physically, and mentally since I started. And I haven't even taken all processed foods out of my diet as my hubby isn't sold on the idea...yet ;-) can even tell a difference in princess' attitude when she has more processed foods than normal.

It's amazing to learn how harmful all the chemicals in processed foods can be. If you haven't you should definitely watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I will be doing a juice fast once I am done breastfeeding.

I've been reading and following, just to name a few! Also a friend of mine who is Vegan just started a blog called They are great! I'm looking for some books and more blogs on clean eating so if you know of any let me know!

Here is what a normal day looks like for me now

Breakfast: oatmeal with some fruit, tea,

Snack: chobani and fruit or granola

Lunch: chicken wrap or tuna with some chopped veggies

Snack: veggies or cheese

Dinner: Usually something more processed with tons of veggies and and sometimes a salad

If you want to follow my journey to a healthier lifestyle you can't follow this blog and/or me at

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

(Personal) Benefits of Being a Stay At Home Momma

1) I love waking up to/with/before my kids instead of an alarm clock. I'm not much of a morning person, so this makes morning a bit better for me.

2) I get to eat all meals with my kiddos.

3) We can spend the day doing whatever we want. Instead of having to work, the kids and I can play outside or do crafts and, of course, clean.

4) I get to see all of their milestones first hand and not just hear out about them.

5) I get to be with them all day. ALL DAY. Ok sometimes I need some quiet time and alone time LOL but I really do love being with them all day. I prefer to be with them than anywhere else in the world.

6) I have more free time to do the things I want/need to do than I would if I worked outside the home.

7) We save money by not paying for daycare or nanny. No extra diapers, clothes, wipes, diapers, bottles, food, or anything else I would have to provide for them to have double of.

8) If they get sick I don't have to worry about whether I can take off work or not. This is something I would struggle with greatly as I do not like leaving my children when they are not well.

9)This is what I was meant to do. Some people were born to be doctors, lawyers, Olympic athletes. I was born to be a stay at home momma. ( yes there are other things that define who I am but I truly believe that this is my main purpose, other than being a wonderful wife to my hubs)

10) I get to sing and dance and play all day. (This makes it sooo much easier to clean!!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back In Order

Will I ever get my house back in order?! Sometimes I am just so overwhelmed with my ENTIRE house. maybe not my entire house. My basement is easy to clean. Living room, workout/office room, laundry room, and bathroom. SO MUCH EASIER!

My upstairs! Oh, my upstairs. Dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms. Doesn't sound like it should be that bad. However, we are in the process of painting the entire upstairs. Yes- the entire upstairs. Bedrooms and dining rooms first. Princess' room is done. Now is Wonderboy's. Which means everything is still in my dining room. We have moved a lot of Princess' stuff back to her room but there is still toys I have to go through.

Ughhhhh it's so overwhelming. I cant keep upstairs clean at all. I try but I just can't. I will be so happy to be done painting and have everything back in order. I NEED that sanity back. Haha! I'm even excited about having a new chore list and schedule.

Any tips in dealing with a crazy house while remodeling???

Toothy Smiles

I love watching my children grow and learn!

Wonderboy has learned to army crawl in the past 2 weeks and is getting up on his hands and knees too! He's growing up fast and I love it! He also just had his first tooth pop through yesterday. Yay!! He's actually doing pretty well with the teething process a little extra sleepy and spit-up-y but other than he's doing great! I can't wait til it's all the way though and I get those gorgeous toothy smiles, they just make me melt!

His big sister couldn't be more proud as well. She loves to show off all the new stuff he's learning.

What's your favorite baby milestone?